Tuesday 18 March 2014

Will the iPhone 6 be a Phablet Style Smartphone?

Apple has been quite consistent as far as the size of the phones is concerned from the initial release in the year 2007. More or less all the phones were within the 4 inch graph and no efforts were made by the Apple developers to bring about any innovation until recently. Lately, the phablet style phone, which is hybrid form of tablet and smartphone, has gained a lot of popularity amongst the potential users. This concept was at first brought in by the Samsung and the market response to it was absolutely overwhelming. 
Will the iPhone 6 be a Phablet Style Smartphone?
This trend has caught the attention of the Apple developers and rumour has it that this Cupertino based smartphone manufacturing company is all set to diversify its range of products to win over the maximum number of consumers. Reporters of the Wall Street Journal have confirmed that Apple is presently busy experimenting with different size of the next generation phone which could be anything from 4.8 to 6 inch.

Two factors have triggered Apple to take such a course of action. Firstly, though the phablet style phone has been well accepted by the target consumers, but at present the market is practically unexplored. Therefore, this is the perfect time for Apple to come up with such a smartphone meeting up with the expectations of the consumers. Secondly, lately Apple has been lying behind in the competition for capturing the market primarily because their products remained more or less the same as its predecessors with no major innovations that will provide the customers with an incentive to invest on its range of products. Introduction of this new feature is definitely going to draw the attention of the global consumers and they will be able to regain their position in the mobile market.

Moreover, inclusion of this feature would also imply that Apple products will stand on equal ground when compared with other smartphone brands like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and thus providing the consumers to opt for Apple gadgets instead of any other smartphone brands.

However, we cannot also rule out the fact Apple developers experiment with such hundreds of prototypes every year and we get to see only a few of them every year. So we are not exactly sure about the size of iPhone 6. But there is no doubt about the fact that it will bigger in size than iPhone 5c as all the prototypes developers are experimenting with are above 4.8 inch.

With the launch of iPhone 6 Apple would be again a ruler in the market among other manufactures but other manufactures would not be in silent background. Even there are rumors that Samsung, Sony and LG are going to launch Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3 and LG G3 smartphones. But Apple is apple, so Iphone 6 would rule in the market for sure.