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Friday, 18 April 2014

Features To Expect In Nexus 6

When it comes to Smartphones, it is with no doubt that Google Nexus series is most popular series. Worth noting is the fact that the series is not limited to Smartphones only. However, the base of the series is definitely Nexus Smartphone. In the recent past, Google launched LG Nexus 5 which is its 5th Generation Smartphone. Fans are now imagining what the next Smartphone will be like. Worth noting is the fact that Nexus 5 arrived in November, which means there is a high possibility that the Google Nexus 6 will arrive late in 2014. Until then, fans will continue to dream up their own Nexus 6. So, what are some of the features to expect in the new gadget? Well, the Smartphone whose release date is expected to be around August 2014 is expected to have the following features.
-> True octa-core, 2.4 Ghz+ processor- this will with no doubt provide the users with high speed performance for all their applications. For users this will be quite an advantage as various jobs will be completed more quickly using the Smartphone’s wide range of applications.
-> Nexus 6 is expected to feature at least 4GB RAM. Given that the current trend features 3GB RAM, storage space is only headed to be bigger allowing for installation of many more applications.
-> Camera up to 20MP – this will see to it that users can easily take clear and perfect shots. This will improve on the camera experience that has been experienced in the past. In addition, the camera will have an ultra low light sensitivity camera sensor which will help users in taking shots in the poorly lit areas.
-> 5 inches 2K UHD resolution display- with larger screens and better resolutions users of Nexus 6 will with no doubt have a stunning Smartphone experience.
-> 3100 mAh battery- This will ensure that a single charge will last users for quite some long periods, say a week. This way, users will not have to worry about a low battery when travelling. This is for the reason that, they will comfortably use the gadget for various business applications without worrying about charge.
-> Security is expected to be better with finger print and other security sensors
-> Wireless connectivity options- this will take connectivity connections to better and higher levels
->  For music lovers, the G Pro 2 will ensure that sound clarity is greatly improved.
Nexus 6
Nexus 6

As far as the price is in question, it is expected that the gadget will retail at $300. However, it is important to note that price spikes cannot be prevented hence the gadget might retail at a relatively high price. Given the above features, it is clear that Nexus 6 will be a Smartphone that will be worth every dime one will spend on it. In addition, users will enjoy an amazing Smartphone experience with the new additions that are highly anticipated. For more information on the latest news about the Nexus 6, it is advisable to keep checking various websites that have information on the latest in the Smartphone market. 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Google Nexus 6 is Getting Ready to Set New Records

The industry is a buzz with rumors on upcoming Smartphones. One of them is LG G3, the other one is Google Nexus 6. The rumor mill seems to produce new rumors on these devices everyday, more so because LG is said to be the manufacturer of Nexus 6. Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and iPhone 6 will also release in this year. The whole attention is currently on Nexus 6 and G3.

Rumors on LG G3 hinted that Nexus 6 could have design and features similar to G3. As those rumors somewhat undermined Nexus 6, industry observers dug deep and came to the decision that Nexus 6 will have some independent features which are quite interesting.  One should keep in mind that chief competitors of Nexus 6 will be Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. Google therefore, needs to equip its next Nexus device impeccably so it could take those competitors.

Some of the features that industry sources expect in Nexus 6 are stunning display, Smartwatch extension and Android 4.5. The display of Nexus 6 will be highly similar to LG G3. Some sourced reported Nexus 6 will have a 6.3 inch screen with Quad HD display. Nexus 6 could have 2560 x 1440 resolution display, same as G3.

Moreover, as Google's Chromecast TV dongle enables users to view live streaming of web content in television, some are even speculating that Nexus 6 will allow users to view internet based content on their handset. It's not a far-fetch speculation because Chromecast TV is Google's own product and this is a golden opportunity for Google to market it. Besides, the 2K resolution of Nexus 6'S screen is perfect to watch live streaming.
Google Nexus 6 specifications
There is possibility that Nexus 6 releases with Smartwatch. LG and Motorola are two companies behind manufacturing Smartwatch. While Motorola is owned by Lenovo now, there will be not be changes in the product lineup that are scheduled to release. LG on the other hand is the manufacturing partner with Google to build Nexus 6. Some analysts held Google's basic idea was to surprise users with a Smartwatch that acts as a remote controller for mobile phone as well.

Nexus 6 is likely to feature a new Android OS. Google may update Android 4.4 KitKat. If that happens, Nexus 6 might release with the updated Android version. According to some, it will be Android 4.5 Lolipop or Lion Bar. There is another possibility although not much likely. Nexus 6 may release with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. However, there hasn't been any indication from any corner that this will happen.

The release date of Nexus 6 is not yet decided. Sundar Pichai, the VP of Google's Android division earlier said Nexus 6 could be released in October this year. A late Q3 or early Q4 release date is quite likely as by the same time, other competitor devices will also show up. During this year's MWC, Mr. Pichai made it clear that Nexus 6 is not coming in the first half of this year. This year's Google I/O is where Nexus 6 could be showcased for the first time and we will get to know all the specs of the device.

However if the rumors turn true, with a 6.3 inch screen, 3GB RAM, 16MP rear camera and new version of Android, Nexus could easily set new records. There's no doubt of it.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Samsung Note 4 with Exynos 16-core processor: Specs & Features

Just like Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 that was released recently had two SoCs variants. This variation is primarily supposed to meet the differentiated market segment in various regions.  In areas where LTE network is well established, Samsung released a QUALCOMM’s snapdragon 800 soc. In areas where LTE network is not available, Exynos Octa 5420 SoCs version was released. Both of the devices have been reviewed in terms of performance, so that the consumer would know which device is better than the other. When put thorough An Tu Tu, the snapdragon 800 SoCs version was seen to be faster. Still, the exynos version was seen to have more idle memory than the snapdragon 800 SoCs version.
Samsung Note 4 review
Improvements Are Underway
Some of the reviews made concerning different versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be very useful while developing the next device, Galaxy Note 4. This is essentially important to ensure that the consumer is indifferent while using either of the versions in different markets. Samsung is keen to observe how both of the versions will sell, and how the competitors are reacting to the release. Information on some new features to be included in the Galaxy Note 4 includes:
Long Distance Wireless Charging
Samsung is about to get serious with wireless phone charging. Many other competitors such as Nokia have not appealed the Smartphone users with their wireless devices. The process to charge them is said to be cumbersome, and only works within small distances. However, the consumers fancy using a device that can be charged from longer distances. Samsung is about to release Galaxy Note 4 next year, a device can be charged meters away from the power source. This is made possible due to the magnetic resonance technology that is going to be featured on this phablet. The long distant charging is not only meant for the Galaxy Note 4 device, but also for other electrical appliances such as refrigerators and laptops. This way, Samsung will be benefiting with the sale of its other devices and from the sale of the next phablet
‘Anti Shake’ Feature
The Samsung’s galaxy Note 3 did not seem to offer the consumers a different imaging experience from what is already found in Galaxy Note 2. However, a different twist will be revealed next year when the new camera in galaxy note 4 will feature an anti-shake which allows the consumer to take images in lowly lit areas. If this holds true, most of the competitors have a reason to worry. The consumer has always demanded such a device, and Samsung may receive a huge success in the long run.
Other Features
Galaxy note 4 will also feature:
  • Flexible display
  • 4GB RAM
  • Full HD resolution
  • 16 core processor
  • 3300ah battery
  • 64 GB internal storage capacity

Monday, 7 April 2014

Microsoft launches another free update for Windows 8

As Windows 8.1 somewhat shadowed the failure of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to overcome a bit more defects in another free update, so called Windows 8.2. Windows 8.2 is scheduled to be available as a free update on April 8th 2014.
Windows 8 was the first of the tile based operating system, on which Microsoft was banking upon to be a super hit in the market, but it failed very badly. There were some huge blunders in it. With Windows 8 being so much colorful that it irritated everyone. The tile based experiments from Microsoft failed and it came as a shock to them.

Defects in Windows 8
  • A very irritated colorful interface
  • Problems in the Windows Store
  • Problems in the tile based applications
  • Limited no. of options in customization of Start Menu
  • The Start Menu icon was missing from desktop
  • Hotspot feature was removed
  • Split Screen restrictions
With these numerous defects in Windows 8 Microsoft offered a free update to an improved version of Windows 8, which they named Windows 8.1(some may call it Windows Blue). With Windows 8.1 update Microsoft tried to overcome some the big defects in Windows 8 which led it to a big failure. Now the next free update i.e. Windows 8.2, is expected to come with a lot more improvement in the Windows 8.1. Windows store was revived in Windows 8.1 and was just a bit too heavy, so Microsoft is expected to rethink over it and come up with a better Windows Store.

The first Update- Windows 8.1 

Windows 8 saw its first update with release of Windows 8.1, which removed a few of the major drawbacks in Windows 8. Windows 8.1 got a better review than Windows 8, and was more convenient to use. The tile based operating system of Microsoft is set for another release and is expected to better its predecessor i.e. Windows 8.1.
Microsoft Windows 8 updates
Improvements in Windows 8.1
  •  Better Interface
  •   Improved Windows Store
  •   More Applications to enjoy
  •   More applications can run with split screen(upto 4 apps can run, based on screen size)
  •   Start Menu icon returned to desktop
  •  Start Menu customization options increased
  •  An improved tile based operating system
What to expect with Windows 8.2?
  •  Improved interface
  •  More options with customization
  •  Improved Windows Store
  •  More applications
  •  More split screen options
  •   A more pleasant operating system to use
So, get ready for the all new Windows experience with the free update to Windows 8.2. With all the new and updated features, this update is going to be a lot more pleasing and convenient to use.