Thursday 31 March 2016

Use a VPN to Bypass Netflix Geo-restrictions

If you've been anywhere near Netflix in the last few months, you've undoubtedly seen the controversy surrounding their VPN block.

In January, Netflix released a statement outlining their new policy against banning proxies and VPNs. They want to protect their strict licensing details in each available location. To do so, they have to prevent users from circumventing geo-restrictions by blocking VPN tools that allow them to do so.

Since a lot of Netflix customers do use VPNs, this created a huge stir in the community. Many users think that Netflix is useless in their country without the utilization of a  VPN since they have severely restricted libraries compared to other locations in the world--like the United States. Some countries don't even have access to flagship shows like House of Cards!

As a result of Netflix's new policy, most major VPN providers have been blocked. Many VPN customers don't know which VPN to use now that their chosen VPN provider isn't doing anything to help them access Netflix.

Netflix has accomplished blocking most VPN providers by blacklisting shared VPN IP addresses. If a user has a unique IP address, it's much harder for them to isolate the IP address as a VPN or proxy user.

This video below outlines a good solution to accessing Netflix: