Friday 6 November 2015

Why the Netflix and Chill Button is Genius

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Netflix proves once again that it's a VERY resourceful company by listening to its consumer base by making a guide on how to properly "watch Netflix and chill." People love businesses that listen to them, and with this product guide, Netflix has demonstrated that it's not only aware of its consumers, their discussions, and their habits, but a part of it all as well.

The guide helps you create a Netflix button that accomplishes simple tasks into one button. Namely it dims your lights, silences your phone, turns on your TV to Netflix--and the kicker, it can even order you food.

The phrase "watch Netflix and chill" is a recently coined term that appropriately sums up the 21st century where teenagers and adults alike rely and binge on Netflix for a majority of their media needs. Now, people everywhere, (if they have a considerable amount of technical know-how) can automate a process that has been ingrained into our very tech soulz. Instead of ignoring the potentially sexual vibes from the expression, Netflix seems to be embracing the cultural phenomenon it has created.

The Netflix button in a box reminds me a lot of the first Apple computer. It was a very cool piece of technology that could do a lot of things, but not many people could even build the device in the first place. A basic summary of the setup requires soldering knowledge, electronic programming, networking, a smart TV, and knowledge of IR signals.

So, no one is going to build one of these bad boys--and for the people that do, I commend you. Maybe you can start selling them to your friends and make a lot of money (the only thing is that the box isn't very adaptable, you'd have to sell box pieces, as it has to be custom built to a particular set-up requiring specific peripherals that are compatible).

The genius behind the guide is the guide itself. It's the perfect example of why Netflix has done well, and continues to do well. Their secret is adaptation. And their power is lots and lots of money.

When DVDS stopped becoming a thing, Netflix did a 360-degree turn and focused on streaming. When competitors started copying them, they started releasing new products within their company that made their service unique. House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are only some examples of how they company has innovated in an entirely different space. A streaming service creating their own TV shows? Who would have thought? That's like Block Buster producing a TV show. Maybe now, they wish they had!

Netflix has stayed ahead of the competition by disrupting the market and grabbing the market share, and they can continually innovate as a process to sustain their success. Their Netflix button is the perfect example of why the company is genius. They are transparent, responsive, and open.

Netflix has expanded into many countries, and in a lot of ways, it feels like its taking over. That said, not every Netflix service is the same since licensing deals come into play when the service migrates to different locations. Thankfully, there are ways to access any show you want on Netflix by using A VPN to change your IP address.

So even if no one even builds the button, I still think it's quite smart. It's like a giant "Hey you! We're awesome, and we know it. And here's how."

What's next Netflix? Will we be able to control what happens in our TV shows? A new form of entertainment altogether? If their previous route has given any indication, it's going to be big. The Netflix car. Or maybe they'll just smack that button into existing self-driving cars. Push the button, the car drives itself, and you can just sit back and enjoy Netflix on your front window.

Remember, you heard it from us first.