Wednesday 21 October 2015

Sorry Netflix Hasn't Come to This Part of the World Yet

"Sorry Netflix hasn't come to this part of the world yet," might be a message you've come to be quite familiar with. Maybe you live in the Phillippines, Romania, or even Hong Kong. Netflix has this message on the site, and it might have it for quite some time. The reason is that Netflix has to work out licensing deals and decide which content can be played in certain countries. It gets even more complicated with countries like China which are known for harsh censorship legislation. Even if Netflix was available in Hong Kong, who is to say how complete it would be? Whatever the case, it's a bad message to see, and it means that the whole Netflix library is not available for you to binge-watch--until today.

Here at TechSoulz, we've used a lot of VPNS. Most of them have bad customer service, use shady affiliate programs, and even DDOS their competitors. Our favorite VPN to use is Torguard VPN since it not only provides great service but stands alone as a reputable business. They speak out against censorship and serve as amazing privacy advocates.They have over 1200 servers, with 42+ locations, great speeds, multiple offerings including a new Stealth Proxy feature, and tons of apps and extensions for users to access their services.

So why are we mentioning Torguard VPN? Well, VPN technology is the BEST way to access Netflix and bypass the familiar message you've come to hate: sorry Netflix hasn't come to this part of the world yet.

Torguard VPN works by encrypting a virtual tunnel that masks and then changes your IP address to connect to a remote server that has access to Netflix. If you're living in Hong Kong, you can access Netflix like you are in the United States. This gives you complete access to Netflix. That means great titles like Orange is The New Black, Walking Dead, House of Cards, and even exclusive Netflix movies.

Netflix is becoming a powerhouse of media entertainment that you can't miss out on. Use Torguard VPN, the best VPN to access Netflix.