Tuesday 27 October 2015

How to Access International Betas

This guide will help you access international betas--whether that means closed betas in Japan, Korea, Russia--or any other place that might have region locked content not available for US citizens. If you’re in Japan, Korea, Russia, or any other country that has censorship regulations, you can also use these same techniques to access content otherwise available in your country. While the process seems difficult, it’s very easy to understand and solve as long as you are using a VPN.

There are a lot of VPNS and proxies out there, but unfortunately, the business is very hit or miss. Some of the most popular VPNS have shady business dealings where they hire hackers and they sell out user data and create botnets. Our favorite VPN service is Torguard VPN because of their commitment to privacy, their great feature offerings (like Stealth VPN and proxy), their great customer service, and their multi-platform availability that makes it easy to install VPN on any device.  

Now that we have our VPN provider, let's understand why you can't access the game you want. When a game is “region restricted” that means that whoever plays the game must be within the place that the developers have locked the game to. So if a game is in a region restricted to Japan, only players with a Japanese IP address can access and play the game.Region restriction might be the same in Korea, the United States depending on where you are connecting from, or any other country with region restrictions. The solution is to change your IP address so it looks like you’re in a country--even if you aren’t.

By using Torguard VPN, you can virtually change your IP address and mask it, then appear like another IP address through a remote server in the location that you need. So if you’re in the United States, you can have a Japanese IP address that would take away any region restrictions in place for a Japanese region restricted beta or game.

Using Torguard VPN to change your IP address to access a beta is easy. It only requires a subscription license, and then you only need to download the Torguard Lite client. From here, just enter in your login information, and then pick the location that you need. Then, click connect, and you now have an IP address ideally suited to play your chosen game.

Many people find VPN for one particular reason, but there are a lot of other benefits to using Torguard VPN through changing your IP address. Having a different IP address can be blocked content or not, depending on your location. If you’re in China or simply visiting, you can access the United States Netflix website and watch your favorite content. It protects you from your ISP--so that they cannot monitor any of your download traffic or inject any code into your connection. A lot of people also find that their ISP might be capping out speeds, and a VPN can make your speeds faster. Besides staying safe from your ISP, you can also rely on Torguard’s military grade encryption security that makes certain governments can’t spy or restrict your internet traffic. If you’re in a heavily censored country like China, Stealth VPN, and Stealth Proxy are excellent options.

TorGuard VPN also works well with gaming. If you’re a competitive gamer and are afraid of someone blocking your IP address, or DDOSing you, you can rely on Torguard VPN for protection. For those who are on Xbox, you have the option of purchasing a DDWRT router that lets you connect to VPN through the router and broadcast the VPN across Wi-Fi. This can be useful if you're trying to use your Xbox to access other servers.