Wednesday 26 September 2012

Facebook Stories - Introduction To A New Feature Of Facebook

Facebook has stepped forward to introduce its new Feature "STORIES". You can now add your own story which You want to share with Your Friends, Public and any media. Facebook has launched its another official website specially designed for its new introduction, Here is the link for the new website for Stories

Any Facebook user can now share their Extraordinary, Excellent & Intresting stories right here at facebookstories
Finally Facebook invites us to tell us about our own story & extraordinary experiences on facebook.
people who are interested in submitting their story can click here.
Here is a story of a 29 year old Mayank Sharma, New Delhi. Facebook has introduced his story through 'facebookstories' in August 2012.
Mayank Sharma suffered from Tuberculosis Meningitis and had to wake up with absolutely no memory of his past 26-years of life. Facebook's 'People You May Know' has helped him some how and now he's back with his past life.

Mayank Sharma's Facebookstories Video : People You May Know (Remembering).

Here is how Anybody can now share their own story or past experinces.
Facebook Stories Official Facebook page :