Friday 21 September 2012

Important Softwares For Every PC

Every PC must contain softwares mainly for Browsing, Editing, Viewing, Downloading etc..
here are the important PC softwares must installed in your PC.Have a look.
1. Browsing Softwares
2. Editing Softwares
3.  Viewing & Listening Softwares
4.  Downloading Softwares
5.  Protection Softwares
6. File Extracting Softwares
  • Winrar (Best File Extracting Software)
7. Developer Softwares
  • Turbo C++ ( C and C++ Programming Software)
  • NetBeans IDE ( Software Development Kit which supports Java,C/C++,Groovy,PHP & Apache , Glassfish Servers)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic ( Software Development Kit which supports .NET, C# )