Friday, 21 September 2012

Important Softwares For Every PC

Every PC must contain softwares mainly for Browsing, Editing, Viewing, Downloading etc..
here are the important PC softwares must installed in your PC.Have a look.
1. Browsing Softwares
2. Editing Softwares
3.  Viewing & Listening Softwares
4.  Downloading Softwares
5.  Protection Softwares
6. File Extracting Softwares
  • Winrar (Best File Extracting Software)
7. Developer Softwares
  • Turbo C++ ( C and C++ Programming Software)
  • NetBeans IDE ( Software Development Kit which supports Java,C/C++,Groovy,PHP & Apache , Glassfish Servers)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic ( Software Development Kit which supports .NET, C# )