Friday 19 October 2012

Google Introducing Chromebook - Overview & Features

Over View :

What is Chromebook?

Chromebook is the New Computer by Google. In Chromebook, We can find all the Best of Google, Built-in-Apps and many other features which makes Chromebook a Simple and Safe to Use Device.
Chromebook is different from many Laptops and Computers in many ways as Google Defines Chromebook as 'Looks like Laptop, Feels like Laptop But..' Chromebook runs with operating system named Chrome OS, It has multiple layers of Security as well as Cloud band more features.

Features :
  • Connect with Others : Chromebook has Built-in-Apps like Google + Hangouts and other apps like imo or eBuddy.
  • Entertainment : For Enjoying, Chromebook offers Music, Videos and mainly Pandora, Youtube Movies and many more.
  • Work : Create Documents, Spreadsheet, Drawings with apps like Google Drive, Zoho or Slide Rocket with Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Photos : For viewing and editing Chromebook has apps like Pixlr editor, also create Videos using Stupeflix, Youtube Video Editor.
  • Play : Chromebook has direct access to Chrome Store & Google Play where Users can enjoy Playing favourite Games.
  • Offline : Users can work Offline using many apps like Office Gmail, Google Drive, Media, Scratch pad and more.
Price : Google's Chromebook comes at the starting Price of just $249