Sunday 26 May 2013

The Best Wireless Speakers

MUSIC Everywhere, Without WIRES
Even hi-fi audio can now be streamed wire-lessly from a source to multiple speakers. From top-end solutions like Audio Pro Wireless to more common Bluetooth and Apple’s very own AirPlay there are many ways to share content all over the house. You no longer need wires to enjoy great music.

LG CM9730
A monster of an audio player with sound that can shatter glass metres away. But this mini Hi-Fi can play music from your phone and you wouldn’t guess that the source is not even in the same room.

Price: Rs.75,000
Bose SoundLink
This might look small, but it produces stunning music as you would expect from this company. The small audio box is AirPlay enabled and is easy to set up. It can also play music the conventional wired way.

Price: Rs.22,388
Sony’s ZS-BTY52
This NFC-enabled speaker lets you stream music from a compatible phone by just tap- ping the two devices together. In case you don’t have an NFC phone, then it can use Bluetooth to play from iOS or Android devices.

Price: Rs.8,990