Tuesday 11 June 2013

E3 2013- Who won the Press Conference, Microsoft or Sony?

E3 2013- Who won the Press Conference, Microsoft or Sony?
Hands down, Sony took over the crowd with the PS4 with its gaming, titles, Ease of Access and most importantly, its price. This doesn’t mean Xbox one should be cornered, Wait!! May be it should be left aside. People and specially the Gaming community were dumb struck both at Microsoft’s Reveal event and E3 press conference.  Let’s take a look at each of these consoles, compare them, and find out why is xbox one so supernaturally dumb.

PS4 reveal event highlights

Xbox one reveal event highlights.

At first, we thought that Microsoft would bring gaming to a whole new level with its next gen console. But sadly, all we heard at it’s reveal event was ‘T.V’. Xbox one was revealed as if it was never intended for Gaming community rather for social community. Let’s have a glimpse of its Pros and Cons and then come to a verdict. 

  • Next gen games like Forza motorsport 5, Call Of Duty:ghosts, Quantum Break look impressive on XBOX ONE.
  • Social Sharing at fingertips, live broadcasting and online competitions are truly next gen.
  • Kinect became more powerful alongside the console.
  • Live T.V, NBA streaming, Virtual Point system.
  • Microsoft points converted to local currency.
  • Always Online- What the fish is Microsoft upto?
  • Xbox one cannot play shared gamed, used games .
  • This engine is not backward compatible with 360 games. How disappointing?
  • Xbox One and Kinect are now married and so you cannot it is not in your hands if you want to buy kinect, YOU HAVE TO.
XBOX One mainly concentrated on Social sharing alongside the gaming. It is not so good and not so bad kind of Next gen console giving entertainment in it’s various forms. T.V and kinect make a great combination, Microsoft promised many exclusive titles and xbox one potential to play those games. We have to wait until we get our hands on the console. For now, we just know one thing from Microsoft, Xbox one is all-in-ONE entertainment system.

Sony truly impressed the fans at E3 this year. Playstation 4 was totally concentrated on Gaming with it’s immersive, graphically intensive and most importantly social games.  PS4 and move make a great combination with new games rolling out for the duo. The Architecture, the structures are comparable to that of Xbox One, however PS4 doesn’t trouble you to be always online and other headaches. The next gen console is Clean, easy and lovable.  Social gaming is a key part on PS4 while giving its full power to single player.  
  • This Next Gen console will trench the thirst for a truly Non-AI, Human like experience with games.
  • Exclusive titles like Infamous, final fantasy, uncharted, metal gear solid will be available for PS4 only.
  • The new GAI-KAI technology will connect the gamers across the globe superfast and with precision.
  • Online Multiplayer will be more fun.
  • Not always online.
  • Used games, shared games are playable.
  • The most liked ‘select’ and ‘start’ are now replaced by ‘share’ and ‘options’ buttons. It takes some time to getting used to it.
  • Nothing else for now.
PS4 is might be the new sexy. Play, Compete, Share, Friends- Ps4’s motive is amazing. The content it provides, the games it plays, the social media it gives, the friends it will bring to you will make you a couch potato with the Dual shock controller in your hand. We still have to find out how it does in real. A full review will be available here as soon as it hits the Markets.

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Xbox One Price Listing
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Other Xbox One Bundles from GameStop
  • Xbox One is priced around 30,000 rupees in India and will be available for online booking later this year.
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Playstation 4 Price Listings
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Author Bio: Article written by Surya Teja