Friday 5 July 2013

How to Install an Unofficial Key Lime Pie(KLP) ROM

Want to test out Key Lime Pie on your phone? Follow our guide to get started

Companies like HTC and Samsung often bring out the latest updates to their devices months behind its official release, so why not turn to hacking your phone to get an unofficial KLP ROM in a couple of weeks, rather than having to wait for a couple of months.

Follow this guide to get the Key Lime Pie update on your rooted Android device:
  • You will need to have rooted and unlocked your phone first; this method differs for every phone and tablet.
  • Locate a KLP ROM to use. is a good place to start. Be sure to check the installation instructions before you begin. Download the ROM and any other required files and copy it to your SD card.
  • Download the free ROM Manager app from the Google Play store. Open it and click the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery button and follow the instructions.
  • Download the Titanium Backup app from Google Play Store and use it to back up your phone’s apps and data.
  • In ROM Manager click Backup Current ROM and follow the instructions.
  • When the phone reboots open ROM Manager again. Click Install ROM from SD Card then select the ROM you are installing.
  • When prompted tick the two buttons to wipe the caches. Now wait patiently for the ROM to install.
  • When finished you can now get your first taste of the Key Lime Pie OS. Set up your Google account, restore your Titanium Backup data and reinstall your apps.
  • Open ROM Manager up again and select Manage and Restore BackupsChoose the backup you made in step 5 and tap Restore.