Monday 19 August 2013

Emopulse Smile SmartWatch Full Review

Emopulse Smile Smartwatch is attractively designed mobile device in form of the bracelet with rich functionality, long battery life and voice assitant.
Emopulse Smile SmartWatch
As a phone, you can use verbal commands to control the call functions, for example, “Yes” or another affirmative word can be used to pick up calls. You can also send text messages, emails and access your social media profiles on the Smile. However, I would imagine that it would be difficult to type on something which is on your wrist. Either you use one hand to type or you can dictate. Dictation might be difficult as current voice-based verbal commands are not 100% accurate or even near that. It might also be difficult to use in noisy situations or awkward when in private situations.
Emopulse Smile SmartWatch
The Smile is also equipped with the NFC (near field communications) payment system, allowing you to wave your wrist over an contactless payment system to pay for your purchases. Payment related functions and data will be blocked and encrypted when the Smile is removed from your wrist, so it prevents theft of your digital data. NFC payment systems are quickly gaining momentum but many people are still using older methods of payments. This feature might be handy in the near future, but its benefits might be harder to see at the moment.
Emopulse Smile SmartWatch
Key Features

  • 4G - 4G communication networks have comparable data transfer rates to Wi-Fi connections. That is how you can download video files on the go much faster than ever before, without interfering with voice communication.
  • Processor OMAP 5 - This processor is the fastest one for the mobile devices and laptops currently available. Despite its speed, it is power consumption is surprisingly low. On a full charge your bracelet will operate for up to 7 days. The built in graphical processing of the OMAP 5 will allow for simultaneous display of HD video on 3 screens, or displaying on one 3D screen.
  • 128/256 GB flash - Now you may easily carry your whole music collection and electronic library in high quality formats. Even better, the high-speed Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces allows for fast and easy data transfer. Your data is secured by a voice recognition system. As soon as the bracelet is taken off the user’s arm, data access is blocked and may only be unlocked by the user's voice.
  • USB 3.0 - 4,8 Gb/s - A USB socket will always be available.
  • NFC - The device will be able to store all the electronic keys that you use. Your banking, club and discount cards as well as wireless tickets for public transport and many other EDC items will also be storable on your phone.

Emopulse Smile SmartWatch