Thursday 15 August 2013

iLauncher - Get iOS interface on your Android device

While I am a lover of the designs that Apple has implemented on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 iOS after testing a while I have come to the conclusion that Android is far superior in terms of functionality, aesthetics and simplicity.

So I think the idea absurd to try to have the iPhone interface on our Android, although I must admit that I find the idea funny joke to some of those Apple fanboys friends.

Just imagine their faces with the thought that I have iOS on my Galaxy S3 and think this may cause indignation I find it quite fun to try iLauncher, a theme for Android that allows us to mimic the operation of the Apple operating system.
Among the features of iLauncher highlights the fluidity of the user interface, something you do not see in other free options, and the ability to interact with icons moving them anywhere on the screen.

Also this launcher offers a dock favorite applications located on the bottom, a search page, folders, deployed iPhone style, shortcuts to your favorite pages and support for tablets in iPad mode.