Friday 20 September 2013

Top 10 Best Websites to Find Song Lyrics Online

Searching for Hindi song lyrics or English song lyrics can be too irritating at times. Sometimes the search for latest song lyrics could be too tough and time taking too. The sites for these searches are endless but most of them possess the lyrics of only popular Hindi song lyrics or the English song lyrics. The lists of sites vary in the way they could be access, the method or the depth of their database and their nub towards the latest song lyrics or sometimes the legendary songs too.
Top 10 Best Websites to Find Song Lyrics Online
The list for the top song lyrics is endless but the best 10 with all best possible pros and cons are as follows:

1) Lyrics on Demand- this is one of the popular site that shows a list of the popular latest song lyrics with the recent artist. It covers almost all recent hit songs and never misses the list of classical songs too. The web page of this web page is too clear with a list of selected songs. If you search for it via Google you may get lost in the endless offers. The results of your search may or may not be perfect. But still it occupies a great position in Google search.

2) A-Z Lyrics Universe- this website is too convenient to access and clean too. The result obtained is quick too. It covers almost all latest hit songs and the partition of lyrics helps you time to time to initiate your search faster before you reach to the song page. The only drawback is it lacks the coverage of classical songs but still this web site holds a great position in search engine due to its fast accessibility.

3) Metro Lyrics- this website provides grand coverage of the recent hits. The results of the search song are obtained in the album or single entity pattern. The rating system of lyrics for series of time is too interesting. In case if you are looking for a particular artists collection than this matter could be too tiresome as it requires multilevel process. The application used here often led to errors. It holds a popular position while searching for the lyrics of a song.

4) Lyrics Search Engine- this website is again an easy to access website with great searching results for recent hits with a clean interface. It possesses a list of all current hits. You may not get positive results for your entire classical song search. Though not very popular but a satisfactory sites for searching lyrics website.

5) Seek lyrics - if you are classical song lover than this website is an ideal one if you are looking for their lyrics. The design of this website is too clean to impress the viewers. You only get the fair performance for current hits search. The function of this website is too slow.

6) Hot Lyrics- this website consist of a list of too popular songs. You get the list of recent as well as classical song lyrics. The pages are completely cluttered with the endless pages and in order to obtain the desired results you have to do endless search. Sometimes it becomes too dicey to get the desired result in the desired time frame. It is not too popular

7) Lyrics CafĂ©- it is a great platform for searching all current hits.  All the recent albums are shown on the opening page of this website. The design of this page is not very impressive and clean and you have to arrest your search to artist only. It is popular among those visitors who want a quick access to the lyrics of new release.

8) Lyrics 007- the search result of this website is too fast to access with a clear design and the lyrics are attached to the page of the page of the song. It displays fair view of both classical as well as recent song lyrics.
9) Lyrics Fund- this website has an easy access with a clean design. You never get the search result for an extraordinary search and only fair results are visible.

10) it was started in 2000 and possesses an endless series of song. You get the result of almost your entire search here.

The innovations on these websites are still going on to give you much better results.