Monday 3 February 2014

Mobo Live - the Android Home Launcher from Mobo robo Team

Every one now a days using android mobiles. And many want to use the mobile in special and different way from others. Special and Different what does it mean?  It just mean giving a new experience and feeling to You when Using. This can be done by using the Android launchers. Here in this article we are introducing one best and fully featured Android launcher developed by Moborobo Team.
mobo live application

About MoboLive Launcher:

Mobo Live is a powerful new android launcher that is more customizable than you needs. It is brought to you by the Mobo Live Team (visit Developer’s website ). MoboLive launcher has many new features and user friendly. It has awesome layout, stunning wallpapers and beautiful themes, Infinite scroll between screens, customizable icons.

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Some other Features:
  • Infinite scroll between screens. 
  • Numerous fancy transition effects (stack, cube, shutter). 
  • A wide range of handy widgets (weather, RAM booster). 
  • Customizable icons and labels for Folders and also for shortcuts. 
  • Hide apps from drawer 
  • Quick access to the most Used apps. 
  • Awesome feature is to lock your desktop to prevent the unexpected changes 
  • You can Backup and restore your apps and other personal data time to time. 
  • Counts the Unread messages and Missed Calls. 
  • One more awesome feature is you can import icons from other launchers
Theme Support:
Mobo Live Launcher supports different themes there are many theme already downloaded in it and another feature is you can download the theme you want installed,and applied easily by just pressing the Themes icon on your Home screen.

  • MoboLive also has Cleaner. Using this you can clean your phone with single one tap.
  • Clear all/selective Apps and manage device’s memory
  • Delete temporary, log and other junk files
  • Manage Apps, ads from appearing in Notification Bar (for rooted phone)
  • Disable/enable/manage the Startup Apps (for rooted phone)
  • Detect and delete installed APK files
  • Delete and manage other Large files like Videos, zips and much more
  • Tap on RAM Booster icon to quickly clear and reserve the device’s memory
Battery Saver:
Today's most worried issue in android users is battery consumption. Mobo live team understand the importance of this problem and included the battery saver option using this feature it tracks the
battery consumption and optimize app memory so that it can help in running more time. 
android home launcher
File Manager:
Want to manage Videos, Images, Songs, Files ?? then here is fully developed File Manger from moborobo team in this launcher.

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Animations and Awesome Effects:
Every one like to add some extra beauty to there mobile . I can say that you can make this possible by using animations and some awesome effects by using this launcher. You can choose your own effect by Long Press on home screen button and then just tap on your desired effect.
mobo live features
I know every one want to have utmost security for their android mobile and exactly Moborobo Team understand this and added extra Security feature. This will warns you from risky apps, Start apps and controls data usage.
mobo live for android
To preserve your Personal Data and Applications, this app certainly comes to your service. So now, no risk to lose any of it, you will already have everything backed up. To access, go to App drawer, slide to Manager tab and tap on Backup.
mobo robo
I personally like to categorize apps in my device. You are served with two amazing folder styles i.e iPhone & Android 4.0 that can be changed anytime under Preferences > Customize settings > Folder style.

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There are many widgets available in MoboLive. Some of them include analog clock, 365 Weather, Cleaner, Power Saving & Power Control. Long-press on an empty space on the home screen. Single tap on any widget to place it directly on your desired home screen.
mobo live app
Recent Changes:
  • Fixed apps crash issue on some devices
  • Improved user experience while setting the wallpaper
  • Improved launcher performance.