Tuesday 4 March 2014

Mega Industries: Five Industries That are Booming in 2014

Many industries have taken a hit in the past few years due to a sluggish economy. However, there are some industries that have come out well above the rest. These five industries are booming in 2014.

Computer Systems Design
Technology is one sector hat has continued to do well over the past decade, With more and more things being automated, companies now need more computer systems and design technicians in order to automate their products. New programs make it easier for companies to connect with an ever more tech-oriented population, and well designed programs make it easier to manage business operations and finance.

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Laboratory Services
Laboratory services have taken some big leaps recently in terms of their power and capabilities. Along with increases in patients on the office side, there have been bigger demands for laboratory services. Many successful research projects have created growth in the demand for laboratory services, since it's now believed that medicine and medical advancements are a great investment opportunity.

Construction Services
Construction has been making a steady comeback over the past few years. The year 2014 will see this growth continue and expand. More building projects are needed to cover bigger commercial projects, and to provide more housing for growing urban populations. Areas like San Francisco and Seattle are especially good areas for construction work, since the boom in population has created an amazing demand for new real estate.

Consulting Services
Consulting has been growing as a profession for a while. New areas of consulting are becoming popular in the year 2014. One of the biggest areas for consultants right now is in technology consulting. Companies want to make their brands more technology friendly, and they want to know how to incorporate simple technology advances into the work they are currently doing.
Another hot area for consultants is management consulting. This area involves psychology, analysis, and business strategy. Management consultants are needed to help make decisions such as who to hire and fire, how to motivate employees, how to manage teams of workers, and how to make smart business decisions. With a lot of money on the line and a fluctuating market, many business managers are happy to get an experienced helping hand.

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Environmental Services
The environment is featuring more largely in many people's minds, as pressure from consumers begins to demand sustainable business practice. This presents a lot of opportunities for those with a background in environmental studies. Potential career paths include environmental consulting, environmental testing, or clean-up and habitat management.

Environmental studies is a great option those looking to break into this in demand field. A degree in environmental studies comes in the form of a bachelor's or an online masters degree in sustainability, and it is applicable to many hot fields in 2014.

Some of the items on this list have been there for a while. However, many new fields are emerging as some of the top industries in America. Shifts towards technological efficiency and environmental friendliness are shaping the way that businesses and consumers view industry in this decade.