Tuesday 4 March 2014

Why you should purchase the Samsung Galaxy phone

The Android phones? Samsung S4 is among the more recent smartphones which utilize Android. Among its chief competitors is Apple's iPhone, which utilizes the iOS. There are several reasons why you ought to consider purchasing the Galaxy instead of the other ones.

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First, the Samsung Galaxy comes with an impressive display. Size might not be everything. For smartphones, however, having a screen which is relatively large certainly does not hurt. The smartphone's display is a super AMO LED screen which spans five inches. Though it might not be as massive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's screen, it is still among the largest smartphone displays. This makes reading texts on the S4 considerably easy, and it limits the requirement for zooming in. The phone also comes with an impressive display resolution, of 44l pixels for every inch, or 1920 x 1080 pixels. Other smartphones, such as the iPhone 5, have a considerably smaller resolution. This means that the S4 is ideal for viewing videos which are in full High Definition. The phone's display is also considerably bright.

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Second, the Galaxy phone has an impressive interface. Its interface is called TouchWiz, and it allows immense flexibility. For instance, as you swipe the interface down from its top, you could toggle everything from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the special features such as the Smart Scroll and the Air Gesture. You might even select the quick setting buttons which will appear on top of the interface's notification panel. The phone also has a brightness slider control. You could also customize the phone's lock screen. Here, you may set up your own shortcuts for unlocking the interface. The phone is also idea in multitasking. Here, you can run numerous apps without straining the hardware of the Android phones- Samsung S4. If you press its home button, you will view a live preview of the apps currently running. By long pressing the Back button, you could even run two apps on the phone's screen simultaneously.

Third, the Samsung Galaxy has impressive accessories. For instance, there are numerous Samsung phone cases, along with cell phone stand. The Flip View Cover lets one view the phone's alerts along with other information without opening its cover. Other accessories you could purchase include a spare battery charging kit, which is ideal if you misplace your original charging kit; a charging pad and cover, which are wireless; a waterproof S band which syncs with the phone's Health app for keeping tabs on one's fitness and sleep; there is even a heart rate monitor, which is ideal if you have a heart condition. In their entirety, the accessories for the S4 are considerably more than sixty. This includes car chargers, screen protectors, HDMI adapters, holsters with kickstands, armband cases and numerous others.

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On the whole, the Android phones?? Samsung is an ideal smartphone for users who wish for a big screen, tons of features, a creative interface and numerous accessories. For persons seeking a new phone, whose features match its looks, the S4 is the best option. This is an insight in this regard; these refurbished smartphones come with numerous merits.