Monday 10 March 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price & Expectations

Just the other day, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released and it spiked up the market with exhilaration due to the features that it exhibited when compared to its previous version. There were countless numbers of people storming into shops so as to get access to how the new device worked and also to know more about the benefits that tagged along with it. Either way, that was then and this is now. Coming to think about is better! The tech giant, Samsung is at it again as they seek to showcase what it is that they do best; that is designing useful gadgets for use by consumers. Apparently, Samsung has a new gadget; that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, this is one piece of hardware that has over the past few weeks’ soared unprecedented exhilaration. Every gadget lover is waiting on the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If you are wondering why there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fever among consumers. Probably, you still have not used the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to realise that you will be getting so much more out of the Galaxy Note 4 as compared to the Galaxy 3. With that, here are some of the specifications that will be incorporated into the Galaxy Note 4.

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
·       Resolution power: The resolution power of any gadget is the most important factor that compliments the display of the gadget. With an optimal display capability and a better resolution power of the gadget, the output will be a thrill. Additionally, the resolution power also incorporates the aspect of image zooming.
·       Internal storage: At this day and age, storage has become the most critical factor in any device. Consumers do not prefer devices with smaller storage capacities. With that aspect in mind, this new device is said to have an expandable memory that will range from 16 GB to 32 GB until 64 GB.
·       Processor power: Everybody loves a device that has an optimized processing capability. The new gadget; that is the Galaxy Note 4 will definitely have an improved processing capability. The benefit of this element is that the device will be in a position to handle more user tasks/ multitasking. Therefore, cruising around the phones applications will be a walk in the park.
·       Operating system: A device with a superior processing capability must also have a better operating system so that they can be at par with each other. The Galaxy Note 4 is said to incorporate these two aspects into one.

Price approximations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
The full price of the Galaxy Note 4 is yet to be established. However, there are some approximations of what amount it would cost when compared to the Galaxy Note 3 which retailed at approximately $ 700. Since the Note 4 is an improvement of the Note 3, it may retail at roughly; $50 more. The Note 4 is no doubt will be a beast and along with it, other brands smartphones such as iPhone 6, LG G3, Nexus 6 and Xperia G3 would give head on competition to the sales of Note 4.