Tuesday 8 April 2014

Samsung Note 4 with Exynos 16-core processor: Specs & Features

Just like Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 that was released recently had two SoCs variants. This variation is primarily supposed to meet the differentiated market segment in various regions.  In areas where LTE network is well established, Samsung released a QUALCOMM’s snapdragon 800 soc. In areas where LTE network is not available, Exynos Octa 5420 SoCs version was released. Both of the devices have been reviewed in terms of performance, so that the consumer would know which device is better than the other. When put thorough An Tu Tu, the snapdragon 800 SoCs version was seen to be faster. Still, the exynos version was seen to have more idle memory than the snapdragon 800 SoCs version.
Samsung Note 4 review
Improvements Are Underway
Some of the reviews made concerning different versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be very useful while developing the next device, Galaxy Note 4. This is essentially important to ensure that the consumer is indifferent while using either of the versions in different markets. Samsung is keen to observe how both of the versions will sell, and how the competitors are reacting to the release. Information on some new features to be included in the Galaxy Note 4 includes:
Long Distance Wireless Charging
Samsung is about to get serious with wireless phone charging. Many other competitors such as Nokia have not appealed the Smartphone users with their wireless devices. The process to charge them is said to be cumbersome, and only works within small distances. However, the consumers fancy using a device that can be charged from longer distances. Samsung is about to release Galaxy Note 4 next year, a device can be charged meters away from the power source. This is made possible due to the magnetic resonance technology that is going to be featured on this phablet. The long distant charging is not only meant for the Galaxy Note 4 device, but also for other electrical appliances such as refrigerators and laptops. This way, Samsung will be benefiting with the sale of its other devices and from the sale of the next phablet
‘Anti Shake’ Feature
The Samsung’s galaxy Note 3 did not seem to offer the consumers a different imaging experience from what is already found in Galaxy Note 2. However, a different twist will be revealed next year when the new camera in galaxy note 4 will feature an anti-shake which allows the consumer to take images in lowly lit areas. If this holds true, most of the competitors have a reason to worry. The consumer has always demanded such a device, and Samsung may receive a huge success in the long run.
Other Features
Galaxy note 4 will also feature:
  • Flexible display
  • 4GB RAM
  • Full HD resolution
  • 16 core processor
  • 3300ah battery
  • 64 GB internal storage capacity