Sunday 19 May 2013

Sync notes and Gmail with GNotes

Write notes using an app which makes light work of the process and saves them to your Gmail account
1. Download the GNotes app from Google Play (it’s free) and open it. You are able to start writing notes straight away but we can’t keep the notes in the cloud so we will sign up to our Gmail account first. Tap Setup to start.

2. Having selected the Email option, we have two choices. By selecting XOAuth, we can allow the app access to our Gmail account. Tap Grant and enter your details. Other email accounts can be added via the Email/Password tab.

3. At this point, any notes you go on to make will be synced to your Gmail account under the label Notes. The app will show you exactly where this is with an explanatory screen. You can now write a note. Tap ‘+’ in the right-hand corner.

4. By tapping the four boxes in the top-right of a note, you can access many options including the ability to record or handwrite a note. Files can be attached and you can also include a photo. The Camera option lets you take a photo.