Sunday 19 May 2013

Remote control slideshows from your phone

Use LibreOffice Impress Remote to deliver more effective presentations at work
LibreOffice has gone from strength-to-strength and not only is its desktop offering more powerful than ever, it also enables you to use an Android device to remote control presentations running on a computer. To do this, both need to be connected via Bluetooth. Once this is done, whatever presentation you load on the computer can then be controlled from afar using your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is use the volume control. Volume up advances one slide and volume down goes back if you need to.

As well as enable this functionality with the slides, you can access speaker notes, which is handy as you talk through your presentation, ensuring a much slicker delivery. Here we look at how to get connected and display the slides.

LibreOffice on computer
Head to Settings on your Android device and ensure Bluetooth is switched on. Now go to your computer and ensure it is switched on too. Now open LibreOffice’s presentation tool on your computer and go to Tools>Options>LibreOffice Impress>General. Enable remote control.

Impress on Android
Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on Android (go to the Settings app). Now download and open the LibreOffice Impress Remote app on your Android device. When launched, it will search for computers in your vicinity. Tap your computer and follow the pairing request.

Connecting the two
Android will connect to the computer. Once it has, the screen will show a single button, saying Start Presentation. When you tap that, whatever presentation you have on LibreOffice on your computer can be remotely controlled using your Android device.