Tuesday 12 August 2014

5 Features of The Best Tablets For Work

Not every tablet is suited to a working environment. However there are a few features on certain tablets that stand out above the crowd and enable professionals to work without needing a chunky desktop pc or old slow laptops. Tablets are quick, smooth and very easy to start working on, checkout the Tablet Tastic range to get some inspiration on a varying range of tablets. However, below before that we have some of the top features that you should look for when deciding on a professional tablet.
top 5 tablets
Large Screen
The first thing you should look for on any tablet is its screen size. The whole reason mobile phones aren't respected as being a professional working tool where you can dedicate hours to working is because they have a small screen. You need to find a tablet that has a large screen and allows you to concentrate for long periods of time. It also helps if this tablets has a high resolution to go with it. Tablets that have a large screen include the iPad Air and Nokia Lumia 2520.

Fast Processor
Being able to work fast and efficiently is fundamental to any professional. That's why you'll need a tablet that is able to handle your workload. Being able to handle complicated software and process formulas without lagging is a huge benefit to anyone that needs something done on time.

The Microsoft Windows Surface tablet is well know for performing well under pressure and ultimately able to handle multiple tasks.

Plenty Of Memory
As a professional you will most likely need a lot of memory to store working documents such as Excel and Word files. If this is the case then you should ensure you're not being short changed. You don't want to purchase an expensive tablet only to find out a few months down the line that it can't store all of your data. This may mean you will have to spend more money on external hard drives and memory systems.

Thankfully something like the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 has an option to purchase with 256GB of memory. That should be more than enough for most of your working needs.

Wide Access To Apps
The whole point we buy any tablets is because we can use them from anywhere and get a wide range of apps right? This is why you should be extremely aware of what type of tablet you're buying and which app store they get access to. In most cases if you're purchasing an Android or Apple tablet you should be fine, but also be aware that some tablets don't work off the same software, meaning they have a poorer range of apps to choose from.

Easily Connected To Accessories
Having easily connected tablet accessories may seem an odd one for a few people reading, but in actual fact it's very important. The ability to connect your tablet to third party accessories often means working more effectively. With some tablets you can actually connect external table stands keyboards, mouses, touch pens and even monitors. This means you'll be able to get the most out of what you’re working with and work faster.