Sunday 16 September 2012

iOS 6 Major Upgrades

1. Maps:
  • The Maps Application has got all new Design in iOS 6.
  • It got Turn by turn Navigation that means you can zoom,tilt,rotate for better view.
  • The Real time Traffic is the interesting feature,now you'll be able to find trouble areas like Gams and Accidents etc..,
  • The Map Application has got Realistic View.

 2. Fast & Better Web Browsing

Safari in iOS 6 got new features which make you to browse very fast and comfortable
  • The offline reading list will store all your browsing data so you can watch out them even if there is no connection.
  • icloud will now store your browsing data to allow you to continue browsing when you switch between the other apple devices.
  • You will experience a fastest browsing ever.
3. Siri
Siri is now Upgraded.
  • Now Siri Knows more about Movies and Sports.
  • You can ask Siri for Movie Reviews, Trailers and you can see the theatre locatons where they are playing.
  • Siri is now integrating with yelp to give you more information about restaurants, hotels etc..
4.  New Call Features

Call App has got new options.
  • If you are unable to answer the call you can choose options like Reply with message or select I will call you later.
  • you can create a callback reminder so that it will remind you to call to that person or a friend.
  • Now apple is also adding Do Not Disturb option too.
 5. Passbook
  • Passbook is a new App which stores all your passes like Tickets, Coupons is aware of location.
  • It will provide you the appropriate pass on your lock screen when you enter into any stores, airports can also upgrade your passes.