Tuesday 18 September 2012

Make your Blog Popular Important SEO Tips

Below are the important effective SEO Tips to make your BLOG famous Must follow
1. First choose a smart and comfortable template for your blog which attract the users.make sure that template contains all the features like Search bar, sharing buttons, RSS feeds etc..

2. The next step is the content of your blog,keep posting great great content on your blog it is better to write on your own do not copy from other blogs.

3. Now you have to add your Blog Description and Keywords that are related to your blog content
just go to your template find these meta codes

<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>

Now add your blog Description and Keywords(keywords should be sapparated by commas) add more relative Keywords,search the best keywords for your content. save your template

4. Make a hobby of commenting and posting on other blogs and forums.post your blog url in other famous blogs and forums.this really work great your traffic increases day by day.

5. Check your Alexa Rank click here Add alexa widget to your blog.

6. Submit your sitemap to google sign in to your blog and go Here click on your blog go to Optimization > Sitemaps and submit your sitemap

sitemap eg: www.yourblog.com/feeds/posts/default

7. Now create a facebook page for your blog keep posting your blog updates in that page so your blog fans may know whats new in your blog.

8. share your blog on facebook famous groups and fan pages so that many people will know about your blog.

9. Add a smart widget called Wibiya which contains all features like RSS, Recent posts, Translate, Facebook page, Tweets, Share, Online members etc..
10. If you have a youtube Account then make some videos upload it and add your blog url and description to those videos.

Keep Following above steps your blog will be huge...