Tuesday 4 December 2012

Nintendo Wii U - Smart Gaming Console

Nintendo has prepared to release Nintendo Wii U, A GamePad along with a console. The GamePad controller is a 6.2 inches touch screen to Play, Watch, Interact.
Wii U has 2 type of Sets. One is a Deluxe Set and the other is a Basic one. Deluxe set comes in Black where as Basic set comes in White color.

The GamePad includes:

  • Motion Control
  • Front-Facing Camera
  • Micro Phone
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Sensor Bar
  • Stylus
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
Using Wii U remote controllers and the GamePad can make 5 Players can play a game at a time. The most amazing feature in Wii U is that we can view the gameplay on Television, simultaneously while playing on the GamePad. We can play or watch either in GamePad or on Both television as well as GamePad at the same time.
It has got lot more features. Lets give a look at the specifications.

Wii U Specifications
  • Processor - IBM Power-Based Multi Core Processor
  • Graphic card - AMD Radeon-Based HD GPU
  • Memory - 8 GB in Basic Set / 32 GB in Deluxe Set
  • Networking - 4 USB 2.0 Connectors that support Wii LAN adapters
  • Size - 1.8 inches High, 10.6 inches Deep & 6.75 inches Long
  • Weight - 3.5 Pounds (1.6 Kgs)
Finally coming to the Date of release & Price, Nintendo has launched Wii U on 18th of November, 2012. The Price details are here
  • Wii U Deluxe - $ 349.99 (Black - 32GB)
  • Wii U Basic - $ 299.99 (White - 8GB)