Saturday 16 February 2013

Turn a Blog into a Business

If you already have a blog and already have regular followers and readers, why not use your prominence to make some money? After all, you have done the hard part: Writing the content and getting an audience. Many bloggers never make it that far. Once you have devoted readers, it is relatively easy to turn them into paying customers. So if you have a blog that you are happy with, but aren’t making any money off of it, consider these ideas for turning it into a money tree.
 Add a Store

Blogs are popular marketing tools for online retailers. Once they have an online store set up, they will start writing a blog that relates somehow to their merchandise, in hopes that the blog will attract readers and then feed those readers into the store. This is a workable approach, but it is hard to draw readers into a blog. On the other hand, it is really easy to set up online stores and add them to Premium WordPress themes. So if you have readers, ask yourself what kind of products those readers might like to buy, and then start selling away. Be careful, though: The blog should remain your focus, at least for the time being. Grow the store slowly, so readers don’t think you are giving up writing and turning commercial.

Write for Others

If you have a personal brand, you are in a very fortunate position. Whereas most small bloggers will pay to have their work included on larger blogs, many big bloggers can command writing fees to contribute their work to small blog, magazines, and newspapers. If you have contacts at other blogs, or in the journalism community, let it be known that you are willing to write on your chosen topic on a freelance basis. To grow your reputation as a freelancer, do an article or two for free, or for small outlets. Soon, the bigger outlets (that cut bigger checks) will come calling.

Add Affiliate Links

So maybe building a store or writing additional articles for other blogs and publications is more work than you care to do. If you don’t want to add to your work load, consider putting some affiliate links on your blog. This takes almost no time, and when your readers click on them and then buy from whichever store they link to, you will get a percentage of their purchase price.

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