Saturday 27 April 2013

Canon EOS M The First Compact System Camera

Ever since the first mirrorless compact system camera in 2008, snappers have been dropping mirrors like luckless barbers. Only Canon had stayed away until now…

In 1987, Canon dropped its FD mount for EF, allowing for fancy autofocus shenanigans. Now it’s introducing a new mount, EF-M. Looks like Canon isn’t just dipping a cautious toe in the CSC water – it’s come brandishing a snorkel.

The EOS M is about the same size as the Panasonic GF-5, making it one of the smaller CSCs available. Despite its dimensions, it’s still packing the same 18.1MP APS-C sensor as in Canon’s 650D DSLR.
Like any good CSC, the M shoots 1080p video, but it’s also got the same party trick as the 650D: continuous autofocus as it films. A camera the size of an old-style compact with easy-to-use, DSLR-quality video? Impressive.

Unlike a DSLR, most of the M’s controls are not on the body but accessed via touchscreen which, again, is also how the 650D does it. You can pick a focus point by prodding and take a snap by tapping. Altering settings does always take a little longer, though.

Two swish new lenses are already available: an 18-55mm zoom and a 22mm, f/2 ‘pancake’ lens that suits the M’s size. But don’t throw your old glass away just yet you can buy the EF adapter which allows you to use your existing EF lenses with the new mount.

Sensor and touchscreen aren’t all the M shares with its larger DSLR brother. Canon has also furnished it with the same Digic 5 processor, which means a similarly catlike low-light performance, thanks to an ISO range expandable to 25,600 and excellent noise reduction.

Price - Rs.49,000/-