Monday 20 May 2013

Home2 Shortcut for Android - Remap your device buttons

Improve your mobile efficiency by remapping hardware buttons to launch favourite apps

How many of your Android device’s hardware buttons do you use? You might, for instance, never use the camera, thereby inadvertently creating a redundant button. But it doesn’t have to be this way – you can configure your Android camera button (or any others) to behave in a particular way, launching specific apps that can make life easier.

This is made possible with an app such as Home2 Shortcut, with which you can reconfigure the Home, Search, Menu, Back and Camera buttons on your phone or tablet in order to quickly launch your favourite apps without browsing menus.
1.Home2 Shortcut
After installation you will want to run Home2 Shortcut and start configuring Android’s hardware buttons. However, due to the nature of the app and its ability in reassigning key mappings, the ‘Complete action using’ box will be displayed. Avoid tapping the Always option!

2.Get started
Get started by tapping Choose Application to assign an app to a double-tap of the Home button. Continue by configuring the double-tap speed, which features several options, from Very very short to Very long. This can be changed after mapping the hardware key.

3.Home application
Even if you don't want to configure the Home button, you still need to select your preferred home application. With this set, you shouldn’t have any problems returning to the home screen, so you can turn your attention to the key you wish to remap.

4.Set new actions
Use Other key settings to find the long press option for your phone’s camera button, and tap the Choose Application button to find the app you wish to use. Click OK to confirm, then Back and Close. You can now try your remapped hardware button.
App Screenshot