Monday 20 May 2013

Startup Manager - Increase your Android device RAM

Is your Android running out of precious memory? By blocking applications from automatically launching you can keep vital resources available for the apps you really need…
1.Install Startup Manager, assign permissions
You’ll find Startup Manager in the Play store (choose between the free ad-supported and paid versions). After installation you will need to assign Superuser/root privileges to the app, something that is only possible if you have rooted your handset.

2.Manage your startup items
Upon launching, Startup Manager will scan Android to check for apps that are configured to open at startup. There are three views: User, System and Customize. Use the Disable All button in the User view to instantly block apps from opening automatically.

3.Disabling startup items
Each item listed is accompanied by a blue circle with a minus symbol – by tapping this you disable the app in question, preventing it from being launched when you start Android. Mistakes can be undone by tapping the grey ‘+’ symbol that appears instead.

4.Customise startup apps
The Customize view is probably the most important. Using the Add Startup Items button you can select apps that will load when your phone boots. As a final check, activate the third option in the Settings screen to see which items couldn’t be disabled.
App Screenshot