Monday 20 May 2013

USB OTG Helper - Increase your Android storage

Seamlessly add a USB flash drive to your device and make extra room for a multitude of media

As our phones get faster and their screens get bigger they are becoming more and more useful for consuming content. But HD movies are enormous files and you won’t fit many into the typical storage allowance on most phones. But if your device has USB On-The-Go support you can easily add temporary storage to your device, onto which you can store full-length movies or a larger music collection. You could access documents brought with you from your work computer, or if you add a memory card adapter you could even remove the card from your camera and instantly view, edit and share the photos as soon as you take them. Using the USB OTG Helper app on a rooted device the entire process can become completely seamless too.
1.Mount a drive
Head over to the play store to download USB OTG Helper. Plug a USB drive into a micro USB adapter and attach it to your phone. The app should launch automatically and detect the drive. Tap the Mount button to access the drive. 

2.Access your files
You’ll now see your drive listed – most file systems are supported including those used on Windows and Mac. Tap the drive to view files then simply access the files as you would normally. They will open in their associated app. 

3.… and unmount
When you’re finished you must remember to unmount the drive to prevent any errors occurring if you unplug it while it is still in use. Return to USB OTG Helper and tap the Unmount button. You can now safely unplug your drive.

App Screenshot