Tuesday 4 June 2013

4 latest hot gadgets 2013

Panasonic P51 (Rs.26,990)
Panasonic has finally woken up to the fact that it has rather missed out on the scrumptious smartphone pie. Which is why it plans to bite back with the P51, mind you it is not a spec busting, competition annihilating, gizmotastic handheld from the future. Instead Pana has chosen to side with the masses with a phone that costs around the 25k margin. You might think this is just another Galaxy Grand or a Micromax Canvas HD. For the most part it is, but where the P51 shines and inches ahead of its competition is in its build quality with its gorgeous unibody design and the fact that it comes loaded with Android 4.2 out of the box. The phone feels fantastic to hold and its Quad-core innards make it snappy to use. Regardless of what is available in the market.
As hot as... being in the Iron Man suit, sans the AC!

Nokia Lumia 925 (Rs. 35,000)
As much as Android and its hardware cronies may try, Nokia just won’t be defeated. They’ve taken the Windows Phone market by storm, and offered a viable, not-so-buggy, if slightly under-apped alternative to the little green robot, while packing in all the right hardware at all the right price points. Now Android and Apple want to go aluminum in the fight to look more premium? SO CAN NOKIA. They want to put fancy cameras and high-res screens? DITTO FINLAND. You want a display that makes the phone too big for your hands? NOKIA KNOWS HOW. Now, they just need to figure out how to show the world that WP8 is actually a pretty neat OS. That would be the hard part.
As hot as... molten chocolate over a chocolate brownie

Huawei MediaPad 10 Link (Rs. 26,990)
We’d say Huawei’s brought its A-game to the tablet arena but we’d be lying. While it isn’t the spec-beast we’d like to call it, it’s a decent offering for the relatively low price tag. What you get for your 27k is a 10in tablet powered by Huawei’s home-grown K3V2 Quad-core processor combined with 1GB RAM, 16GBs of storage space, a 1280x800 screen and Android’s delicious Jelly Bean OS. Now, before you go about snapping your surroundings with the ultra grainy 3MP cam, you must know you’ll look like an idiot. Don’t do it. But, auditioning one of these well-priced tabs? Not such a dumb move after all.
As hot as… Your belly after a road-side ‘Chinese’ meal

Asus Transformer AiO (Rs. 86,999)
If you already have an all-in-one computer, such as an iMac, try ripping the screen off the body. What’s that? It’s stopped working? Sorry - that happens. But perhaps, you should replace the smashed remains of your previous computer with this Windows 8 touchsreen all-in-one from Asus. All-in-two, actually - pick the 18.4in screen up, and it works as a wireless display, beaming your PC interface across the ether or, thanks to a clever bit of dual booting, it’s also a completely independent (and completely massive) Android 4.0 tablet. Um… sorry about your old screen. Get one of these instead.
As hot as... summer on Cybertron