Saturday 21 September 2013

5 Things We Can Expect From The Next Android OS

With the announcement of a new Android operating system, fans of the mobile software are excited to hear what new features will be added to your phone or tablet. Fitting in line with the sweet names of past versions, the new system is expected to be called Android KitKat and will be released later this year on Android smartphone and tablet devices. If you are excited to get KitKat on your phone, or if you are waiting to purchase a new Android device with KitKat on it, this list will take a look at five features you can expect to see with the latest installment of the operating system.
Android Kit Kat
Exynos Chipset
Samsung has been waiting for a new operating system to put its latest system chip into and KitKat is expected to be the time. The Exynos is used in a variety of Samsung products, making speeding up their processing power and making them lightening quick. Putting this in a phone will allow for speedy response and the ability for a faster experience for users. Android phones are already very quick, so this improvement will only add to the user experience.

Cloud Service
With users having expanding libraries of music, photos and video, there is a growing need for cloud based services. One benefit of Android phones it the ability to have a SD cards and sim cards for memory. However for some, it is just easier to have documents and information upload to a cloud service. With this in mind, Android has taken steps to vastly improve its cloud services. Users will be given a certain amount of storage, but also can add to it as they need.

Better Battery
The new OS is also expected to greatly enhance the battery life on your smartphone or tablet. With a stronger processor, this often comes with a sacrifice of battery life. However Android has worked hard on KitKat to assure that users will have the best speeds, without having to charge their batteries as frequently.
Better Network Coverage
With the ever-expanding arena of mobile networks, it is necessary for phones to keep up with available network coverage. KitKat is expected to do just this on many of mobile devices. Users with Bell service can expect android OS devices to run quicker than ever with overall improvements to your coverage.

More Accessories
With the new KitKat software, you can expect to use your phone in more places with more accessories. KitKat is a major overhaul of the system and therefore Android looks to put all of its eggs in the basket. With that in mind, you can expect to have a variety of accessory and add-on options for your mobile device or tablet.

There is sure to be more in the works for KitKat, but this is the news that is expected to be the most valuable to Android users. The list will continue to grow as more information is leaked about the release. But until then, Android users can salivate at the potential options that KitKat will bring to their mobile device or tablet.