Wednesday 16 October 2013

Brilliant Emoji Masterpieces

15. Stunt 101
We know what you are thinking (or saying out loud), and we agree - this does look like an iOS caricature of O.J. Simpson and his infamous freeway chase. But could not it be a lesson in how to be swagged-out in your own vehicle?
14. Les Miserables (Icon Edition)
Emojis have become a part of everyday life - ask your Mom, your sister, and your iPhone. Everyone uses them on an almost everyday basis and it is led to a few imaginative users to come up with their own masterpieces, including a hip and brief review of "Les Miserables".
13. The Dancing Stickmen
There are all kinds of levels of creativity when it comes to emoticons - as you have come to know - and "stickmen" are just one of them. In the emoji world, they are practically essential as they are all about sophisticated dance moves.
12. Winter Is Coming
This would be so much better with the sun and a person that was happy, but the iPhone can not please everyone all the time. The emoji does at least provide us with an awesome way to get all of our friends prepared for a new "Game Of Thrones" episode!
11. America 2.0
The United States acts as a home to more fast food restaurants than any other country in the world. In some cases, that is a good thing, and likely because it can help create incredible dishes and emojis like this one that depicts the American flag.
10. Where Babies Come From
"Where do babies come from?" is a question all parents fear until the day it is finally asked. Luckily, today's group of child rearers can use this simple yet creative emoji to explain it all. Graphic images and comparisons to birds and bees are not required!
9. The Life Of A Teacher
Teachers act like they have it hard, but they really don not. Let us face it: their income's solid, they get the summer vacations we all wish we still had, and they get to keep their homes stocked with a wide selection of wine.
8. Octopus Humour
Is it bad to be cheesy in the 21st century? The average 12-year-old will tell you "hell yes" but if your friends or significant others are cool with it, embrace the octopi! It may get you pretty far in life if it is used correctly.
7. Spring Breakers
There is the long version of the James Franco movie, and then there is the emoji version. The latter is obviously this text message that plays out the actions and the consequences before the gavel ends any and all forms of partying.
6. Deconstructing "Lost"
It is hard to state that an emoji text convo contains spoiler alerts but if you have watched every episode of "Lost", you will totally get this one. We just wish there was a specific icon that did or could represent Harley.
5. Do not Mess With Texas
Texas is a very large state - and we mean a very, very large state. It takes around half a day to go through the entire land mass that is Texas but like any local will tell you, some parts are unbelievable. So don not mess with it.
4. Occupy Wall Street
The 99 per cent and the 1 per cent is still a major issue, but the real problem is the percentage of emojis in your iPhone that you never use. C'mon phone junkies - it is time to beef up your vocabulary!
3. To Bee Or Not To Bee
Thanks to Lexy, emoji conversations can now be pretty deep. In fact, they can quote Shakespeare word for word, so it is only a matter of time before you can purchase a book that features the poet's work solely in smiley faces, animals and inanimate objects.
2. Carly Rae A Day
Some suspect comedian Aziz Ansari was behind this, as he did do his own emoji take on a Jay-Z and Kanye West song, and we would not doubt it. It is highly unlikely Carly Rae is behind it, so it has to be him!
1. Connect Four
Text conversations never usually get this bland but in case they do, there is always Connect Four. It is a piece of childhood nostalgia that will never be forgotten and now it is a text-friendly multi-player game you can use to get out of an awkward situation.