Wednesday 16 October 2013

Facebook Vs Twitter

15. On Facebook, You Run Into Things Like This...
why yes, there are over 500,000 comments... Most of which do in fact say "jump".
14. And This...
Facebook is a breeding ground for teenage drama and useless information.
13. And there are So Many of These!
It takes a special kind of person to exploit our servicemen and women to get some likes on their Facebook page and by "special", we mean "terrible"
12. Twitter Does not Have Annoying Apps
Do not you hate it when you get notifications and they are all app requests?
11. But it Does Have Links and Hashtags
We love that Twitter makes it easy to find great new Twitter pages and sites to follow.
10. And Only Some of That
This was tweeted after the theater shooting in Aurora Colorado in 2012. Some people see the trends and do not bother researching them!
9. But Loads of This!
We can not all be like Mike but if we were, we would always have the best tweets.
8. Facebook Lets You Share As Much As You Want
It is kind of cool that you can choose between sharing something with only specific people or just friends of friends and not the entire web.
7. But Sometimes, That is a Bad Thing!
No, we do not want to hear about your breakfast today. Yes, we already know you like Brad. No, we don't want to text you. Please stop sharing your phone number every few posts!
6. Twitter is Less Personal
Which is not exactly a bad thing. No more run-ins with creep Aunt Leslie!
5. But Both Are Versatile
In case you feel like you are missing out on who got dumped today, you can check your Facebook from most devices. The same goes for Twitter!
4. Both Have Room for Pictures
Which is good news because whether this was posted to Facebook or Twitter, plenty of people would still get to see it and make fun of one of the worst couple tattoo sets we have ever see.
3. But Twitter Does not Have Room for This
Dang Darrell, she seems like a keeper. Enjoy the month and a half of Facebook relationship drama!
2. Or This!
Last time we checked, the main use of Twitter was not to send people to hell.
1. So Twitter Wins!
It looks like we have all got a 140 character-sized hole in our hearts and Twitter has filled it.