Sunday 22 December 2013

How to Create your Own Animated GIFs Online - 5 Best Ways

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Well normally you have seen many times moving images if you thing they are videos then you are wrong!! Here in this article we explained what are GIFs actually and how to create them online easily.

What Is The Concept Behind GIFs ? 

Graphics Interchange Format is a technique in which images are compressed to lessen their size without compromising the quality of the images. This technique of compressing the images was first patented in 1985. 

How To Create Your Own GIFs

There are numerous way to create your own GIFs, but here are some selected few which are simple and efficient ways to make your own GIF online.

One of my favorite option available on internet. Make a Gif has a very user friendly interface and you are just a 2-3 steps away from making your Gif.
Using Make a Gif you can select images like around 10 images to create your Gif. Morevover Make a Gif allows you to create Gif directly from a YouTube Url.
Limitations I can say is,the image you wish to upload should be less than 2 MB.

Just  another option for you to create you favorite Gif. ImgFlip allows you to directly create Gifs from the existing videos or you can share a link of video from interet as well.
  • ImgFlip provides a wide option for customizing you GIFs.You can specify the speed,size,FPS( frame per second)etc.You can download you Gif once you've done with everything for free .
  • You can directly add the video url from any website.All the popular format like - flv, avi, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, wmv, 3gp of videos are supported by IMG Flip.
  • Basically,you can create videos upto 70 MB , but IMG Flip allows videos of size 100 MB. I think the free version will also do if you want to convert a video in Gif.
  • So overall, IMG Flip is also a great option for you to create your own Gifs.

Gif Maker is another online portal which helps you create awesome Gifs without giving a single penny. One I like about Gif Maker is,it does not require any kind of registration.
So as shown in the image, it comes with a control panel where you can customize your Gifs accordingly.
  • Main features we can see here is – The size of the video ( Canvas or Frame ), the speed of the animation,also you can directly give a url of any video from internet.
  • Once you have created your Gif, you can download it. The image format supported are - .png , .jpg or .gif .
  • Gif Maker is good in all sense but the size of the image you are uploading should be less then 2 MB , pretty less .
  • Gif Maker is so user friendly that even a non technical person can use it and create his/her own Gifs.
So , if you want to create a Gif of small size images, Gif Maker comes handy.

  • My favorite Gif maker as it can create Gifs of images ranging from kb to mb.Size of the images is not the issue for Gickr.
  • If you are using Flickr,the Gickr will be the best option as you. This online portal allows you to directly grab images from Flickr or upload from your computer.
  • Just like other option shared here,Gickr also enables converting the You Tube videos into your favorite Gifs. You can add at the max 10 images for creating funny and flashy Gifs.
  • Once you have done with it you can download it and use it anywhere you want.Gickr is good the customization option are less as compared to IMG Flip. You can also control the size and speed of the images and videos.

One of the most widely used option to create Gifs online.Picasion gives lot of option to choose images from.You can select from Flickr, your picasa account or directly from your system.
The biggest advantage is, Picasion gets connected to your webcam and hence you can just take click or make video and it automatically gets uploaded to Picasion( Obviously you internet connection should be enabled ).
Picasion and Gickr mostly have the same features. Picasion also accepts 10 images of variable sizes. You just have the control of speed and size of your Gif that you are creating.
When you are in hurry and just need a Gifs , Picasion wiil be the quick solution for you.


So next time you want to create a banner or want to create some GIFs our own to be placed on your website don’t forget to refer this article.

Hope you like this article.Please let me know if you face any problem while creating Gifs.Also don’t forget to share your experience of how and where you use Gifs.Comment section is all yours. Cheers !