Wednesday 30 September 2015

Best 5 iPhone 6S Cases

The iPhone 6 and 6S (both look and feel the same on the outside) are beautiful devices with curved aluminum edges, remarkable screens, and beautiful sapphire lensed cameras. All this can change in a drop from your hand onto concrete, and that pretty retina display now looks like someone just hit it with a steel hammer. While every case is different in feel, and use, most of them protect your iPhone a lot better than having it naked. I didn't pick any cases that make your phone feel like a brick--so if that's your thing, perhaps check out an Otterbox case. Here're the top 6 best iPhone cases:

If you couldn't tell from its name, Peel is THE thinnest iPhone case around measuring at just .35mm thick, and weighing around .02 grams! It's almost like a second skin for the device.

It's unbranded, incredibly form fitting, and it even includes a subtle lip to protect the (already durable and scratch proof) camera lens.

The case comes in multiple colors to complement your sexy iPhone. If you're looking for a case to complement your phone without sacrificing its beauty, you can't go wrong with the peel.

Peel retails for 24.99.

2.Spigen Air Cushion

Right next to the peel is the Spigen Air Cushion. It's another case that reveals the outside masterpiece with its clear transparent design. The case uses "air cushion" technology in the case to protect it from harsh drops. The case feels a bit more cheap, and it has that unmistakeable plastic feel, but the air cushion design and (somewhat oddly sharp) lip protects the phone from drops super well.

While it can't hold a candle to peel in terms of thinness, it's much more minimalist than other phone cases while still providing a decent amount of protection. The transparent design also looks very cool when your camera light is on (it lights up around the phone--a cool party trick!).

The Spigen Air Cushion retails for 11.99.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid lineup is known for making great looking cases that feel light but strong. The cases often feel like an additional style accessory, and this Neo Hybrid case for iPhone is no exception.

It's one of the best-looking cases around with slick metallic sides, patterned grip, and its dual-bumper design composed of a polycarbonate frame and soft TPU case resists significant bumps and bruises.

The Spigen Neo Hybrid retails for 18.99.

The Poetic lightweight, slim case is a great affordable hard case that mirrors the lines and angles of the iPhone 6S perfectly. It's got a transparent design, raised lip for screen protection, and it's quite thin.

The Poetic cases have some great color schemes to match with their striped design. Many cases feel like simple revamps, but this case feels made for the iPhone 6S.

You can find the Poetic cases for 12.95.

Looking for someone a little more premium? Grovemade makes great real wooden cases great for showing off at parties or bragging about at work.

Grovemade makers crafted the Grovemade Walnut iPhone case out of solid walnut. While sturdy, the case still retains a minimalist feel. The case adheres directly to your phone with a single-use adhesive to make things extra snug.

This wooden case is a great alternative to other standard cases since it offers some great protection with a stylish alternative feel.

The Grovemade Walnut iPhone case retails for 99.99.

What's your favorite case? Let us know in the comments below!